Organisational Structure

Partnerships and Collaborations

Hongkong Land: Inspiring Hope and a Future

2022 marked the first year in which Hongkong Land supported HCSA through its HOME Fund project: Inspiring Hope and a Future.

Under the HOME Fund, Hongkong Land generously supported HCSA Academy’s trainees, affording them with the means to take up culinary training and secure for themselves a sustainable livelihood. Additionally, Hongkong Land also supported HCSA DRTC in its implementation of its clinical therapy and tuition education programmes, which have helped our girls to cope with and excel in their studies.

Notably, Hongkong Land helped spearhead the launch of HCSA SPIN’s online tuition programme, through the engagement of tutors, as well as acquiring laptops and printers for our single-parent families in need of tuition support. The pioneer programme has since seen many of our SPIN-member children achieve better academic grades, with many of them receiving academic awards and bursaries.

Lastly, Hongkong Land’s volunteers helped organise and conduct a virtual storytelling and craft session for our SPIN families during the Easter season, to spread the joy of the Easter festivities.

Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX)

With the easing of pandemic safety measures, 2022’s Bull Charge charity run saw the return of a mass run at the Marina Bay area – alongside a virtual one – with participants running in-person since 2019.

Representing HCSA in this year’s Chief Challenge was Ms Emily Han, Board Member of HCSA. This year, we received from SGX a generous donation of $168,708.84 in support of HCSA DRTC and HCSA SPIN.

President’s Challenge

In 2022, HCSA was a recipient of the President’s Challenge and President’s Challenge Empowering for Life Fund (ELF). Under the President’s Challenge, support was provided to HCSA Academy and HCSA SPIN’s support programmes for our single-parent families. The President’s Challenge ELF, which aids the vulnerable through skills upgrading, capacity-building and employment, also provided support for HCSA Academy’s trainees seeking the means to achieve a sustainable livelihood. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to the President’s Challenge and the Singapore Tote Board for its steady and generous support of our vulnerable at HCSA.

Launch of STEP UP Programme

In March 2022 HCSA announced the launch of STEP UP, a mentoring programme for connecting alumni members of HCSA Highpoint and HCSA DRTC with various community stakeholders to guide and support the former in their reintegration journeys. We were fortunate to partner with Allen & Overy and ‘Jesus the Light grantmaking project’ as our corporate supporters and mentors. Volunteer mentors from DBS, Far East Organization and Varde Partners also journeyed with our first batch of ten mentees.

After six months, our mentees successfully completed the STEP UP programme. The Mentorship Completion Ceremony was graced by Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development.

Barclays Charity Coffee Appreciation Fundraiser

In support of HCSA DRTC and HCSA SPIN, a coffee appreciation fundraising session was organised by Barclays’ women’s group, during which Barclays staff partook in a coffee appreciation workshop whilst raising funds for HCSA DRTC. A total of $18,784 in funds was raised, with donations generously matched by Barclays.

Zwift Everesting Challenge

Co-organised by HCSA and Podium Performance, and in support of HCSA Highpoint, the Zwift Everesting Challenge saw cycling enthusiasts participate in a 2-day virtual cycling event covering the elevation gain equivalent of Mount Everest’s height of 8,848m. In total, $10,574 of funds was raised in support of HCSA Highpoint and its beneficiaries.

Le Craftsmen and Creative Jewellery Studio

For a second consecutive year, Le Craftsmen and Creative Jewellery Studio (CJS), with the support of Gold Tree Foundation, held its Jewellery for Humanity fundraising sale. A portion of the sales proceeds were donated to HCSA DRTC. In addition, CJS kindly offered to mentor an Owena (HCSA DRTC alumna) member – providing training and guidance on jewellery craftwork and entrepreneurial marketing.

Christmas at DRTC by partners

The Christmas season is always a much-awaited celebration at HCSA DRTC. From decorating the home and its Christmas tree with trinkets, to enjoying hot chocolate and festive feasts together, these activities imbue a sense of normalcy and kinship for our girls. Even while undergoing their respective treatment interventions and programmes, our aim is for them to celebrate such festivities within a safe and warm environment. Hence, our girls are beyond grateful to have received thoughtful presents and time spent with volunteers from The Closet Lover, Bedok Methodist Church, Collins Aerospace, and Nanyang Technological University.

Support from community partners

For a second year, Thomson Road Baptist Church (TRBC) provided to our HCSA Highpoint graduates graduation kits containing grocery vouchers, household appliances, and a set of luggage – presented by TRBC volunteers at HCSA Highpoint graduation ceremonies. The discharge kits have afforded graduates a head-start from transitional to self-sustaining residential living.

Similarly, Bible Church Singapore continued to support our HCSA Highpoint A.I.M. Society alumni through its generous sponsorship of activities, dinner and prizes during the aftercare programme’s third anniversary celebrations.

Not forgetting the following community partners, who have been instrumental in enabling the work done at HCSA for the vulnerable and at-risk youth:

  • Bethany Emmanuel Church
  • Community of Praise Baptist Church
  • Inner Wheel Club of Singapore East
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Church
  • Rotary Club of Singapore
  • Rotary Club of Singapore East
  • Singapore Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay
  • St Thomas Orthodox Syrian Cathedral
  • Wesley Methodist Church

HCSA Academy Scholarship Programmes

HCSA Academy is thankful for its following partners in providing scholarships to our vulnerable students:

  • Hongkong Land
  • Ishk Tolaram Foundation
  • Tan Chin Tuan Foundation
  • The Majurity Trust

Their support has made possible the culinary training of our vulnerable and youth-at-risk trainees – allowing them to jumpstart a sustainable career in the F&B industry. Support came in the form of sponsored training course fees and training allowance provided to our trainees to ensure they were able to commit to lasting empowerment through upskilling, without worry of providing for themselves or family while training.

HCSA DRTC Clinical Therapy and Tuition Programmes

HCSA DRTC expresses its sincerest thanks to the following partners for supporting its clinical therapy and tuition programmes:

  • Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS)
  • Hongkong Land
  • H T Choo Fund
  • Singapore Exchange Limited
  • The Majurity Trust

Though their support, HCSA DRTC was able to carry out its clinical therapy, alternate schooling and tuition support programmes for our abused teenage girls, which have been instrumental in helping our girls cope with social and academic stressors encountered during the pandemic.

In particular, CFS’s Sayang Sayang Fund enabled HCSA DRTC to recruit youth mentors to assist and supplement staff in the running of residential services for our girls. This provided respite for HCSA DRTC staff, while offering our youth mentors opportunities to gain vocational training experience.

Corporate and Foundation Partners

HCSA would also like to express our sincerest thanks to the following corporate and foundation partners that have been instrumental in sustaining our life-saving work across our four programmes:

  • Chew How Teck Foundation
  • Lee Foundation
  • Lee Kim Tah Foundation

Key Fundraising Events

Give Hope Cookies

In the spirit of National Day, HCSA rolled out sales of HCSA’s Give Hope Cookies, delectable treats inspired by two well-loved local flavours – Hae Bee Hiam and Teh Tarik. Produced in collaboration with YRI Bakery, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yellow Ribbon Singapore, every purchase of a bottle of cookies went towards supporting vulnerable groups served by HCSA – resulting in a total of $8,533 raised in funds.

Movie Night for HCSA Families

2022 marked the inaugural launch of ‘Movie Night for HCSA Families’, where we gathered over 300 of our beneficiary families, donors, corporate volunteers from Salesforce and Red Hat, and staff to enjoy the new coming-of-age film ‘The Tiger’s Nest’ together. For many of our guests, it was also an opportune moment to spend quality time with their loved ones with the movie’s apt focus on love and friendship.

With the generous support from our individual and corporate donors, our beneficiary families also got to enjoy a sumptuous buffet dinner before the movie screening. Guests were also gifted yummy snacks that were graciously sponsored by Golden Moments – who also co-sponsored the event with a grand prize and sales proceeds from its ‘Super Dad’ Cakes. In total, more than $30,000 in funds was raised for HCSA and its beneficiaries.

HCSA Christmas Wall of Giving

During the Christmas season of giving and togetherness, HCSA launched its inaugural Christmas Wall of Giving online fundraiser, to raise funds for all HCSA beneficiaries. We were greatly encouraged and touched by the generosity shown by our donors who gave meaningfully in deed and word – the latter was achieved through the sharing of encouraging messages for our beneficiaries. All of which was presented through a vibrantly cheerful online platform – complete with an interactive donor wall – created by our charitable PR partner, APRW. In total, we raised $183,412 with the proceeds going towards support for all our beneficiaries in 2023.

Volunteer Engagement

Building and honing relationships with volunteers

Recognising the need to ensure the relationships with our volunteers are nurtured and sustained, we hosted two informal bonding sessions with our volunteers. In total, around 30 volunteers attended these sessions.

Celebrating the contribution and commitment of our volunteers is also a yearly affair we look forward to at HCSA. We held our very first physical Volunteer Appreciation Day in December 2022, and were heartened to see all our volunteers and participating staff – current and even from past years - coming together to reconnect, reminisce, and to celebrate. We would like to extend our gratitude to National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre for the usage of their premise for our Volunteer Appreciation Day event.

Continued partnerships with corporate and agency supporters

As a charitable organisation, the time given, and skills rendered by volunteers are pivotal in helping us deliver vital services to the vulnerable we serve. We are thankful to corporate partners like National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU) who continued to help organise a diverse range of activities that promote positive experiences for our beneficiaries and their families in 2022. Our appreciation also goes out to Council for Third Age (C3A) senior volunteers for their steadfast participation in 12 cooking events and helping to serve over 600 meals to HCSA Highpoint residents.