Meet The Team

Kim Lang Khalil
Chief Executive Officer
Dorothy Ng‭ ‬
Chief Operating Officer
Shawn Lim
Head of Programme‭,‬
HCSA Highpoint
Maria Chua
Head of Home‭, ‬
HCSA Dayspring Residential
Treatment Centre
Adelene Wee*
Head of Programme‭, ‬
HCSA Dayspring SPIN
Sony Haq
Head of Programme‭,‬
HCSA Academy
Colin Liaw‭ ‬
Digital Transformation
Andrew Ong^
Director‭, ‬Partnerships‭ ‬&‭ ‬
Strategic Communications
Ong Lay Wah‭ ‬
Assistant Director‭,‬
Samantha Lo
Assistant Director‭,‬
Corporate Services
‭* ‬Adelene Wee held the role of Director‭, ‬Partnerships until 31‭ ‬Dec 2022‭, ‬and was concurrently Head of Programme‭, ‬HCSA Dayspring‭ ‬SPIN in Q4Y2022‭.‬
^‭ ‬Andrew Ong held the role of Assistant Director‭, ‬Partnerships until 31‭ ‬Dec 2022‭.‬
Chrystella Lo held the role of Deputy Head of Home‭, ‬HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre until 31‭ ‬Jul 2022‭.‬
Pauline Tan held the role of Head of Programme‭, ‬HCSA Dayspring SPIN until 30‭ ‬Sep 2022‭.‬