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Transitional Living Programme (TLP)

Residential Care

  • Case Management
  • Work Therapy
  • Housing‭ ‬&‭ ‬Employment Assistance
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  • Family Engagement
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  • Alumni group Act in Motion (A.I.M.) Society
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Launch of Educate, Test, Treat! (ETT) Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment Programme

The Educate, Test, Treat! (ETT) Hepatitis C (HCV) programme was officially launched on 27 July 2022. Commemorating the launch as Guest-of-Honour was Assoc. Prof. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development. A first-of-its-kind hepatitis C virus (HCV) elimination programme for the ex-offender community in Singapore, the programme was founded by HCSA and supported by biopharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences.

Together with the End-C Programme founded by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, these initiatives provide HCV testing and treatment support for ex-offenders, not merely from HCSA Highpoint but nationally across all halfway houses.

As part of a national effort to eliminate HCV by 2030, more than 200 ex-offenders with a history of drug abuse were offered HCV testing and treatment under the ETT programme, with further expansion plans to double the efforts and impact by collaborating with more halfway houses and hospitals across Singapore in 2023.

A.I.M. Society marks third year anniversary

Since its inception in 2019, HCSA Highpoint’s A.I.M. Society has grown from strength to strength. The aftercare programme aims to build a pro-social support network and encourages member participation in pro-social recreational activities.  At present, it has 86 alumni members who are predominantly former residents of HCSA Highpoint.

Through the support of our community partner The Bible Church, Singapore, its volunteers, and our HCSA staff, a family-friendly event was organised to celebrate A.I.M. Society’s third anniversary and commemorate the desistance journeys of members.

Life skills training and digital upskilling workshops for HCSA Highpoint residents

The pandemic emphasised the importance of digital skills and literacy for disadvantaged groups, who are at risk of being left behind in our digital-first world, as well as the need for development of life skills for the longer term. For the latter, HCSA Highpoint was blessed to be partnered with Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, which conducted life skills training sessions to impart onto HCSA Highpoint residents skills such as financial literacy, stress management, effective communications over six sessions.

Likewise, over a period of six months, corporate partner PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore (PwC) stepped in as volunteers to conduct hands-on learning workshops for HCSA Highpoint residents. These sessions addressed common challenges faced by our HCSA Highpoint residents who may struggle to keep up with relevant skills needed for daily living and employment after years of incarceration, or even stay connected with friends and family. The topics in these workshops ranged from safe internet browsing, identifying online scams, as well as how to use popular food delivery and transport apps.

Supporting HCSA Highpoint couples to strengthen their marriages

In marriages where one spouse has previously been incarcerated or is battling addiction, the weight and its resultant effects may sometimes be the cause of contention between husband and wife. With that in mind, the ‘Foundation of Love’ group programme was brought in.

Conducted by Lutheran Community Care Services and funded by Community Chest, BridgeLife Communities Ltd and Yellow Ribbon Singapore, the 7-session workshop helped couples to gain greater self-awareness, develop a better understanding of their partner and improve communication and conflict resolution skills to deepen their relationships.

A total of 14 couples completed the ‘Foundation of Love’ programme in 2022.

Service Model

Objectives & Service Model

Desired Outcomes

Target Beneficiaries


To see every girl and woman live a life of purpose and hope making peace with her past‭, ‬finding a purpose in the present and renewed hope for the future


To create a safe and healing living environment for teenage girls who have been repeatedly abused by applying effective clinical therapies to help them become healthy, productive individuals who are able to successfully reintegrate with their schools, families and society


Therapeutic Group Home (TGH) provides specialised and intensive care and treatment for children and young persons (CYPs) who present with severe dysregulations


Beneficiaries are kept safe from abuse and neglect while in DRTC


Improvements in beneficiaries’ emotional and behavioural functioning in the residential, school and family setting


Beneficiaries experience placement stability while in DRTC


Beneficiaries are reintegrated with their families (or other appropriate options) within 18 months of entry into DRTC


Teenager girls assessed by MSF to have moderate to high needs


E.g. Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Neglect, Others (multiple placement, family violence, etc)


Severe behavioural and emotional dysregulations that occur in at least two environments


Show persistent difficulties in addressing behavioural and emotional issues in spite of community support

Alumni returning to serve as Youth Mentors

Under OWENA, HCSA DRTC’s alumni group, three of its members returned to serve in the capacity of Youth Mentors (one as a full-time staff, two as on-call), roles that essentially provide direct care and supervision to HCSA DRTC’s residents.

Strengthening HCSA DRTC team’s capabilities through training

In 2022, two staff were certified as Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) Experts providing booster training and support to our HCSA DRTC team, while an additional two more staff were certified as CPI Safety Interventions Trainer equipping the team in de-escalation and behaviour management. Ensuring that our staff are well-equipped in the latest skills and knowledge enables us to serve our residents through their healing journeys better.

Service Model

Needs Assessment

Individualised care plans will be cocreated with social workers to address identified needs‭, ‬which include referral of relevant‭ ‬services and provision of direct access to information and resources‭.‬

Workshops & Events

Parents can expect to attend various activities designed to achieve specific outcomes as agreed in care plans such as social and‭ ‬therapeutic support‭, ‬and acquisition of skills and knowledge‭.‬

Befriending & Peer Support

Parents are encouraged to have regular and meaningful interactions with volunteers and other parents‭, ‬improve social support network through peer support and befriending‭.‬

Practical Support

Parents can expect to have direct access to practical support in community resources and organised information at SPIN portal‭, ‬or‭ ‬be connected to relevant resources on a case-by-case basis‭.‬

Counselling Services

Parents‭, ‬if assessed to be in high need for emotional and mental health support, ‬will be provided with counselling services‭.‬

Implementation of enhanced SPIN model

Over the course of 2021, ‘SPIN 2.0’ – an enhanced model for the services provided at HCSA SPIN – was piloted. One of the key additions was the provision of counselling services by trained volunteer counsellors and supervised intern counsellors, for single-parent members who had been assessed to need such services.

The model was officially implemented in April 2022. Since the pilot began, 72 single-parent members have received counselling based on their needs. These services are also available to the children (below 18) of single-parent members if they have been assessed to require such support.

Establishment of HCSAspin.sg as one-stop portal for single parents

Recognising the need for single parents to have quick and easy access to necessary resources, HCSA SPIN’s website underwent enhancement to incorporate new features such as the SelfCheck Tool.

Under this feature, information ranging from children and parenting to housing and even financial, is listed in a quiz-like format that enables single parents to immediately identify the support they are looking for. They are then directed to the appropriate agencies to seek the resources required.

The enhanced HCSAspin.sg was launched by Ms Sun Xueling, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development in October 2022, as one of the initiatives under the Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships (AFAM).

Launch of online tuition programme to level playing field for children of single-parent families

As sole breadwinner and caregiver for their families, many single parents struggle to make ends meet and often lack the time and means to afford tuition for their children. Corporate partner Hongkong Land recognised the pressing need to increase access to education, particularly among our vulnerable communities, and launched a pilot online tuition programme in April 2022 for the children of HCSA SPIN single-parent members.

20 children across various academic levels - from primary to university - were enrolled into the online tuition programme. To facilitate their learning, they were provided with laptops, printers, and headsets.

All students showed improvements in their overall academic performance in 2022. One student was one of the top performers in her school for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE), and another awarded with the Edusave Merit Bursary and Certificate of Learning Achievement from the Ministry of Education.

‘Lend A Helping Hand’ referral campaign

In October 2022, HCSA SPIN initiated the ‘Lend a Helping Hand’ campaign with the aim to reach out to more single-parent families within the community. The campaign encourages current and alumni HCSA SPIN members to refer fellow single parents that they know who may be lacking emotional, physical, or practical support.

Since starting the campaign, five successful referrals had been made. Members who had made these referrals had shared that they find it empowering to help fellow single parents who are in need of additional assistance in their single parenthood journeys.

Service Model

Training & Facilitation of
Job Placement

Alumni Skills Enhancement Programme


HCSA Academy offers the highly coveted WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts) course, a 5-week hands-on training designed to equip trainees with the professional culinary skills and knowledge of the kitchen, enabling them to secure a stable employment in the F&B industry. Every graduate receives support in their job placement to ensure suitability and alignment with their interests.

Alumni members are regularly invited back to HCSA Academy to attend short workshops and training sessions to upskill themselves.

Upon graduation, the team continues to provide regular mentorship, guidance, and career advancement assistance to address the specific needs and challenges that each alumni member may face in their culinary journey. Work progress reports will also be maintained to track their professional development and ensure ongoing support for at least six months.

Helping more alumni upskill and stay relevant through Alumni Skills Enhancement Programme

Following the launch of the Alumni Skills Enhancement Programme in October 2021, we continued to provide ongoing training and development opportunities for our alumni by conducting short hands-on workshops for all eligible graduates to attend and upskill.

In 2022, HCSA Academy held a total of four workshops where over 50 alumni participated. Topics that we covered were on food cost management and basic stocks, sauces and soups. Alumni who had attended expressed that the new knowledge helped strengthened their culinary foundations, and they were more confident to take on advanced responsibilities in their work.

Value-adding through on-the-job (OJT) training events

As part of our WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts) course, on-the-job training (OJT) events are incorporated to give trainees valuable hands-on experience necessary to be industry-ready professionals. In 2022 our trainees served more than 400 guests across 16 dining events that were held at HCSA Academy.