Organisational Structure

Digital Transformation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to simplify work processes

Prior to the implementation of RPA, HCSA’s Human Resources (HR) team spent a considerable amount of time completing tedious HR administrative tasks. In particular, the preparation, conversion and encrypting of performance bonus and annual increment letters needed a substantial number of man-hours to generate and send. This manual method was slow and susceptible to human errors.

As such, HCSA partnered with Singapore Polytechnic to automate this process with RPA. First, data was collated in an excel sheet to be used for generating letters. Using pre-defined templates and formatting, RPA was then used to automatically generate and encrypt the letters.

With the help of RPA, efficiency and accuracy of HR administrative tasks has improved significantly,  resulting in improved employee satisfaction and increased productivity. RPA has also been utilised by HCSA’s volunteer management team, by way of broadcasting updates to volunteers via messaging platform WhatsApp.

Human Resources

Enhanced employee onboarding programme

HCSA’s onboarding process and programme for new employees were reviewed and revamped in 2022. An induction session was launched for each new hire focusing on: introducing new employees to our vision, mission and values, the strategies and plans for the year, and key policies. Group orientation sessions implemented were found effective in getting new staff familiar with the work of each programme and department, and enabled them to interact with key representatives of the teams.

Successful extension of coaching programme to employees

In 2021, our people managers within the programmes and departments embarked on a pilot coaching programme to enhance their management and leadership skills. In a bid to promote self-initiated growth and personalise employee development, the programme was successfully extended and made available to all HCSA staff. Nine employees who had signed up and underwent the coaching programme felt empowered with takeaways that covered better understanding of self, life, and work perspectives.

Employee Engagement

Department-level learning and bonding sessions

To facilitate teamwork, building of relationships, cascading of HCSA’s culture, and developing an environment of innovation, learning and growth, each department has their own learning and bonding sessions. Such gatherings involve celebration of milestones, cultivating workplace friendship through sharing, games, videos, and learning from each other or online resources. Learning topics included kindness, an appreciation of our minds, learning a language, technologies, and health.

Continuation of HCSA Chats

HCSA had our dialogue session using the Open Space Technology (OST) methodology in October 2022 where almost every aspect is done from the ground up, within the structure of the OST method. Themed ‘Building Healthy HCSA Habits’, all staff came together in person to examine how organisational culture could be based on specific practices – habits – that would characterise HCSA.

Topics of discussion ranged from effective interpersonal habits such as giving feedback and holding regular check-ins, work habits of planning ahead and constant learning, being mindful of personal health and self-care, and giving a future and a hope not only through work but also personal volunteerism and giving.